Division Amongts Arabs – How can we strategize and prioritize things?



Message in Video:

Like Qatar and other Arab countries, are we getting secluded.? Is someone making us secluded? As a nation of Prophet Muhammad SAW., we all holds responsibility to guard Islam and implement it at both levels.

Level1: Implement Quran and Hadees on us, and preach others
Level2: Follow Prophet Muhammad SAW and implement Islam the way HE did in Makkah and Madina.

Most of the leaders of Muslim Ummah stick to level 1 and that too only negligible.

The Youth! You guys, are the saviors!, you need to think, brainstorm about whats happening and what should we do!

Its like some body undermining your house and you sit quite waiting for Guard down the street to take care, No, Nobody will ever!

Its you who have to take care of your house! Done close your eyes like a pigeon 🙂

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