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Specialization and Character Building – Ideal Education Syllabus

This is not only my idea, many people have not started thinking about it, but i gave it a thought back in 2005, about the education system employed in Muslim countries or may be all over the world. My idea is to follow below points in Education system,

Below Age of 8 Years, a child should only learn Quran, creative stuff which can be any thing like writing, drawing etc.

Compulsory Subject in Education System:

  1. Quran and Hadith to be thoroughly and practically taught throughout the eduction system
  2. Build video lessons based on Islamic stories for character building, moral corrections
  3.  Remove maths and introduce Intelligence subject where students can actually build intelligence rather than feeling pushed down.
  4.  Arabic language to be a must subject, so that people can understand Quran
  5. Explore subject, teach kids about science, background to how Muslims invented ancient and modern items
  6. Medicine of Prophet (SAW)
  7. Fitness

Other than the above subject all other subjects should be specialization and should be offered at age 15+ , it means for me, below the age of 16 there should be only 7 or 8 subjects necessary to build his character, and train him for all daily life challenges etc.

Specialization Subject after Age 16:

  1. Any of the topics like engineering subjects, science studies, history etc.
  2. Quran/Hadith

Thats it, easy life to everyone, this is what i thought back in 2005, lets give your opinions now.


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