Self-Counselling – Understanding Jihad

Which of the following words are you afraid of ‘Self Counselling or Jihad’? Self counselling is one of the ways you practice Jihad. In other words, Jihad means, a struggle to correct one self in all ways, so that you become productive for the society.

None of us would want our sisters and brothers, to be evil. Our parents always struggle to teach us good manners. Just like we would never want our brothers and sisters to go in a bad company, become an evil for society, in a same way Jihad is a process in which you try to make every human being as good as you can.

Just like our parents sometimes take strict measures to make sure we do not fall into bad company, just like criminals are punished so that they do not commit crimes again, Jihad also has different forms. The first phase starts with correcting your own self, they you help make your nearby people righteous and you keep doing that.

On the other hand, the evil elements in a society will definitely oppose your efforts in orther to secure their evil interests. Just like you see in movies where a hero is forced to kick out the gangsters, if everybody would be convinced with love, none of these movies have been around J.

The point here is that amongst the evil, there may be some people who can listen to you, who can understand and then turn on their faiths. But those who do not understdand, you will have to fight with thme for a better cause.

I believe every nation is doing Jihad for their own interests, its just a different name they have given to it. If you want to understand Jihad, just look around how police is working, how different nations are securing them. You can not call Jihad bad, its just an effort to heal the world.

In Islam, Jihad starts from self healing, you try your best to stop what is forbidden in religion, develop strong faith in Allah, develop a spiritual bond. Then you move on and help others achieve the same goal. And to stop eveil from resistance, you take all measures you can.

 Just like prophet Muhammad (SAW) said,


“….One of the best deeds is to be good to your parents…” (Sahi Bukhari,  5970)


“…Never denounce your parents (irrespective of religion)…” (Sahi Bukhari, 5973)


“…One who breaks a relation will never go to paradise…” (Sahi Bukhari, 5984)





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