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Pakistan – Waiting for Who?

A beautiful country having intelligent, soft hearted people like Eidhi sb, as well as having perfect seasons and landscape; with all these blessings of Allah, this country is facing severe depression in all sectors of life whether it is health, economy, politics etc.

If you ask a taxi driver about the issues, he will advise you better than any politician because he is the one who is facing problems and he has that intellect to figure out the solution. Amongst you, the readers, many of you know the problems our country has fallen into and many of you are looking for a solution.

Some people have figured out the solution that if each one of us corrects him self the society will automatically be prosperous. The thing is, do you expect the black sheep, the evil ones to correct themselves. They will on the other side oppose those who try to make them correct. Perfect example is the time of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), did Prophet (SAW) had the same vision of correcting society that is,  let each person correct himself and rest will be automatically done. No! Prophet had to fight the wicked, those who were opposing badly.

This fight was after a long counselling sessions, which the wicked rejected. Prophet (SAW) and His people had to face the worst from the society.

So this philosophy is very wrong that if we correct ourself, this society will be corrected automatically.

In order to bring justice, we can not believe, trust on wicked people. According to the Quran and Hadees, the worst people are the Hypocrites, who will appear as they are on your side but from the inside they have evil interests against you.

For sure, you can easily see who are the hypocrites amongst us. So what to do now? What is the future of Pakistan? This beautiful country deserves better. We are just ruining it. is there any group of people who is going to remove the corruption.

Remember that the rain is for time being and soon the clouds will disappear, if you think the good living style of yours will continue forever, thing might not be the case. Read Quran and see what Allah did to those who ignored the commandments.

The commandments of Allah are not just to go to mosque or to help the poors only, but Allah says, O People! follow complete Islam and only then you will prosper. It is not 25%, 40% following of Islam. We can only make society green if our Lord is happy with us. Read the story of People of Saba who had green gardens and rivers flowing through, they had sweet fruits and every blessing. But when they kept of rejecting the commandments of Allah, they land was turned into a barren place. So it is not hydrogen or oxygen that makes us green, it is Allah who will make these things green for us.

We have to try our best to follow all the commandments that are mentioned in the Quran and Hadees.

In Pakistan, so far no body has achieved success in implement an ideal society that Prophet (SAW) did whether it be political party or Islamic party. As mentioned in Quran, when People of Moses (AS) disobeyed the commandments, Allah made disgrace their destiny and since then, you can see their status.

And now Muslims are following the same practice, so same is happening with us, disgrace for us everywhere.

If you think that this will be settled automatically, think again , Prophet (SAW) did not think like this, He struggled hard to change the culture.

The question is Who will it be that will bring about any change and how?

Drop your comments and let us know what do you think?

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