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What Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Feared Most ?

There are several prophecies of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) about the good and bad things Muslims will face in future. Learning about these will lead us towards paradise, the right path. It has indeed  become hard  for many people to spend time on learning about true religion and practice it today. Our circumstances are driving us into a narrow path of sorrows, hardships, daily life issues etc.

Many people these days interpret religion into their own ways, and they believe that they are right. We need to understand that religion is a very sensitive matter, just like your personal life is to you. Many people do not even bother about all this, they believe the time they spent daily on earning money, managing family is enough, and that religion should not interfere.

It is exactly the same situation as if a student totally ignores his examination which is very near. His ignorance will yield nothing but a failure, and then what a shame.

Similarly, you need to understand that this world is an examination, so your ignorance or any kind of remarks will produce nothing but the failure, which will lead us to the hell. So the most important teachings of Islam are to fear Allah, save your self from HIS wrath. There is still a lot of time for you to amend your shortcomings, help each other, and become a true servant of Allah.

Today, we mention two of the Hadees about the fears Prophet Muhammad (SAW) had about us;

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said,

“What i fear most from my Umah (nation) is the behavior of the people of lut (Nation of LOT)” (Tirmazi)

“O people, fear Allah and be moderate in living, ……take what is permissible and leave that what is forbidden.”

Please fear Allah, learn Quran and Hadees so that you can be a successful person in this life and hereafter.

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