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5 Points Checklist of Faith

If people think the universe is running at its own and there is no Allah, The creator of all, let them bring out the sun from west and settle it in east. If this seems too heavy, can they change the smallest of nature? If people believe there is any other God besides Allah, let their God accept the challenge mentioned above. If people think I am trying to win the battle here, they should know that by doing so, I do not get any reward from any where.

In fact, this is to inform all those who do not have faith in Allah, to think about if they are on the right direction. In the world of confusions, sects, discussions on each corner, it has indeed become hard to find out what is truth. IslamOverflow aims to provide information only from authentic sources such as Quran, and Life of Prophet (SAW).

If you have accepted Islam, here is a 5 points checklist about faith that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) once gave.

 Faith Checklist:

Following are the five key characteristics of faith in Islam.

Accept from the core of your heart that there is no other god except Allah. This should reflect in your daily life. You might find it hard to follow all principles in daily life, that does not mean you should stop practicing. It means, keep on trying, because Allah will reward you for your efforts, as none of us has the ability to follow 100%.

  • Believe in your heart that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the Allah’s last prophet for all of us. Again reflect it in your daily life.
  • Offer Salaat (Muslim prayer) as advised
  • Offer Zakat, the purpose of which is to pass down wealth from top to bottom in a society and keep justice in place. It is obligatory on all rich people.
  • Perform Haj
  • Observe fasting (Rozah in Islam), this is to train people on patience, crises so that they remain clam and just in any kind of crises that could arise due to evil.

 What if I do not follow Islam 100%?

This is the first thing that satan will put in your mind as soon as you start implementing good deeds. As a human being, we are prone to errors, we can not be 100% right, but together we all can try our best to make peace and develop an ideal society.

Will my faith go up or down?

Yes, faith depends on your deeds, the more good you are more faith you have and vice versa.

 Does money have any thing to do with Faith?

No, its only righteousness, good deeds that makes you senior or junior in front of Allah, and on the bases of which you will get reward in hereafter. If you are rich, spent money on poor, help them.

 What if I am doing good deeds but I am not Muslim?

As per the checklist, if you do not accept Allah and Prophet Muhammad (SAW), none of the deeds will help pass the exam in hereafter, because they are the pre requisites. Just like, if you want to become a medical doctor, you have to have a medical degree to practice. If you know a lot of medical stuff and do not have a degree, no body will ever give you a job or accept a doctor. Because if they do so, this will not be fair with those who has studied for years to become a doctor.

If you have more questions, please drop us comments. Hope you liked the post, in the coming sessions, we will talk about more interesting topics.



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