Lets become a reason of Smile and Happiness in Someones life!

We do not want you to lay on us for your donations. In fact, it is best if you can do it by yourself. Look around for people who are in need, and try to help them by yourself. This will reward you more in hereafter, as well as, you will learn more about sufferings of people.

By learning the ways people are living in crises will reveal to you the other side of life. It will reveal important lessons you can take on in your life to make it better. It also develops a stronger bond of love amongst each other.

We can understand that it is not possible for each one of us to physically move out to different parts of the world and look for needy people. In this case, we can only help those people if all of us are connected in some way. IslamOverflow acts like a bridge here where you can meet people who are in need of help.

Our website lists down causes for which we can all come together and help in any way. Different causes require different types of attention. Sometimes, all people need is some money to heal their sufferings and live a normal happy life. Lets be a source of happiness in their lives.