Become a Volunteer

IslamOverflow strives to implement peaceful society the way it has been done before by Prophet Muhammad (SAW). In order to develop peaceful relations, patience and justice, there has to be a group of like minded people who can bring any change. Sometimes a smile is all that will help some one, on other times, a bit of counselling might help somebody, and likewise. Lets join together in similar causes to spread peace and love.

A lot of factors such as economic crises, domestic issues are ruining the element of patience, love that exists amongst all of us. The economic crises has made life for each individual extremely tough. How can we survive this surge?

To deal with crises, one can only survive with the help of patience. In order to have more and more patience, we need to practice a lot of therapies. One of the best ways to become more patient is to observe fasting, which is prescribed by our lord, Allah. Fasting improves patience level to a great degree. Learn more about it in our sermons or blog section.

We have to understand that by only watching people suffering from issues does not guarantee that things will go perfect for us. These crises will spread along like a cloud covering a region. So its better to be preventive. Lets come together, and help each other. Lets be the one, who can bring a change.