The sole purpose of IslamOverflow website is to implement an ideal culture and society, the practical example of which was given by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in Madina as mentioned in Quran and Hadees. The purpose is to clear misconceptions, false allegations and provide true and authentic information of Islam. We will base our information only on Quran, life of Prophet (SAW), and true speakers.

We never aim to promote sects, false information and misguide anyone. Our aim is to guide you to write path so that you can achieve salvation. We also do not want to provide one sided information, we try to cover all aspects of information, and place it in front of you so that you can easily decide what is truth.

Besides providing real Islam, this site serves as a purpose to help people in daily life issues for which we have dedicated a section called ‘Causes’. We want to list issues people are having and let the helpful community like you come forward and heal the sufferings of these people. You can send us your cause and we will list it after evaluation.

Another section and cause for this site is to help people for their prayers, you can ask for prayers for right causes. We strive to develop sympathy, a bond of brotherhood and love amongst all of you.

Finally, we have a dedicated shop section, where you can buy everything about Islam like CDs, softwares,  Islamic clothing, and other stuff.

Feel free to send us your feedback. We highly appreciate it. Thank you.