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  • Multiply your Income by 700 Times? Read it first….

    You might be thinking what is this blog talking about money, before i talk further, lets read this verse of Quran (the last Revelation), Wow, this should sound like more of spiritual? Believe me if you make your faith stronger, more blessings and rewards from Allah you will get in...

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  • How to do Ablution (Wazu) without Water? Tayammum

    It is a very common issue these days, when most of us (specially men) are travelling within or outside the city and there comes the Namaz (Prayer) time. Many people delay Namaz because of lack of water which is required for ablution at the place they are. This is wrong, infact...

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  • Specialization and Character Building – Ideal Education Syllabus

    This is not only my idea, many people have not started thinking about it, but i gave it a thought back in 2005, about the education system employed in Muslim countries or may be all over the world. My idea is to follow below points in Education system, Below Age...

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  • Prophet Used to Take Care of Us in Preaching!

    Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said,  (Sahi Bukhari, Vol 1, Book 3, No 68) Narrated by Ibn Masud in Sahi Bukhari (The most authenticated Book about Sayings of Prophet (SAW)) The above saying of Prophet (SAW) talks about the manners of preaching. How would you interpret this in modern world? This also...

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  • Pakistan – Waiting for Who?

    A beautiful country having intelligent, soft hearted people like Eidhi sb, as well as having perfect seasons and landscape; with all these blessings of Allah, this country is facing severe depression in all sectors of life whether it is health, economy, politics etc. If you ask a taxi driver about...

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